Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Beige, brown, cream for Make a Moo or Two!

I have two blogs and I usually post moos here....then I realised I had put them on my other double posting this week! These girls (well yes they are the same, giggle) are part of the new Paper Imagery Designs collage sheet images! I have the great pleasure of working with the fabulous company and design team!! Paper Imagery Designs.


Anonymous said...

What a very gorgeous moos! Love them both so much. The image you used is fabulous!

Laura said...

All your Moos are delightfully precious!

Moni said...

Diese beiden sind wunderwunderschööön!!

KardKrazy said...

These are both just delightful! Wonderful images.

Stempelchaotin said...

Wow the are awesome.
So lovely moo´s. said...

Both are very very beautiful.
Love the background color(s).

Art in 2008 & The 'Moo' Card

While out walking this afternoon I found the creative ideas times this seems rather futile and when it comes, it is a joy indeed. I made a random discovery a few weeks ago of a cute little bit of a card - called a Moo card. Off I went (Google search and others) to find out where this concept originated. At first I surmised that it must be a German word for wee, cute, small, etc...nope! Turns out a printing company from England coined the phrase, giggle. Perhaps this isn't as poetic as my initial idea...but then I started to think about it....deeper!

When I think of art, now in 2008, it is and has become something terrifically different than even just fifteen years ago. Suddenly, this magnificent communication tool (the pc) has become the most powerful art influence; I'm sure any of the greatest art students, teachers and patrons would agree.When I went searching for information about the 'Moo' cards I discovered the following: They are comprised of just about any medium you can get into the size, likely printed or handmade in some way. They measure 1.1" x 2.8" in length or 2.8cm x 7 cm in height.I have created this place for those of you that find themselves in possession of one of my 'moo' wish is that you find that the art makes you feel something, good or bad, but that you feel for a moment special, connected and curious....just like those of us who have wondered about messages placed in bottles to travel the sea. I send my little images of art through hands and hope it connects one day to someone whom it makes a difference for.


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My First Moo Card